Kindness Is Underrated

Due to the Hawking news, this afternoon… and the first fight she and her had last night.

She finally came to a new insight of life that… huft.

She used to set a high standard for whom she can fuck or get-baper with. Above all, what is it on their mind because our brain needs to be entertained all the time. We think we need an intellect partner so we won’t run out of topic in convos.

But no. It never seemed enough. Never. We always think if we deserve more.

She then came to a point that “sapiosexual” term is overrated. Oh, sure, go ahead. She had been with who we’ve called real intellect. Most of them are nothing but a bunch arrogant with narcissistic personality disorder.

And she is exhausted by the haunt of craving and desire for something more. We all are.

She knew that her lover is an intellect yet she never once thought that her lover, at the same time, is a true introvert. She pushed her too far to speak of something. She forgot that silence is the most beautiful thing.

It was her fault to crave for more two-way communications. The truth, she forgot how to appreciate the other form of her beauty. She was possessed by the craving of convos to make her feel content, knowing that she barely have a real convo with people when she herself is a loner. But it doesn’t work that way.

You don’t need a non-stop intellectual or fascinating convo with your lover.

You love, that is your responsibility.

Feeding your too-much-egos, that isn’t your lover responsibility.

We seriously need to distinguish true love and oh-so-called-love from being-egocentric but with being selfless more.

Then she finally came to her new insight of life.

“What is it that warms and moves your heart peacefully which prettier than intellectual capacity?

A heart made of gold. The one who always forgives. The one who understands. The one who accepts.


Kindness is underrated.

It is.”


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